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Here are 2 new edits of our adventures and us working at this years WINTER XGAMES in Aspen, Colorado… pretty amazing stuff.  Thanks to my best buds Matt, and my brother Mike with FOOMAN FILMS, this truly was an unbelievable experience.  Hope you enjoy and share with your friends.

"A Little Place Called Aspen" from FooManFilms on Vimeo.

When Red meets White from FooManFilms on Vimeo.


Growing up enthralled by the action sports industry, one can only dream of hitting the huge ramps, carving down the pristine slopes of beautiful mountains, or catching massive airs in the half pipe. Now this may be showing my age a bit, but I remember when the X GAMES started, and I made it a point to watch it every year it was on TV.  So sitting here drinking my coffee, reflecting on my recent trip, designing the XGAMES medals, working with FUSE MARKETING GROUP & to art direct and build out VIMEO’s booth at the games, as well as continue to work with ADAPTIVE ACTION SPORTS,  I can only pinch myself after everything that unfolded during my WINTER X GAMES experience. Here are some photos of my dream unfolding.

Shaun White after winning SUPERPIPE gold, receiving a 5 peat, and perfect score of 100 ( first time in history)

Shaun and I before his run for a little pep talk while our seats where with espn media and medics during pipe.

the 25,000 other people in their seats. wooppps

On stage being interviewed by ESPN broadcasted on the jumboTRON and who knows where else, just before awarding the medals I designed to the winners of the Women’s Snowboarder X competition.

While I was in Colorado, I was interviewed by the ASPEN TIMES, as well as The TRENTON TIMES, both coming out on Thursday while I was at the games across the country.  pretty awesome!

the Vimeo booth concept was pretty rad… building the area out to be pop art meets the vibe of the ski/snow culture.. you stepped in to get dressed up with props, threw on the actual medals, get interviewed on camera, where the team then uploaded the videos to your new VIMEO account.



red carpet at the POWDER AWARDS, and getting weird with all-you-can-drink rum at the SAILOR JERRY/REDBULL party in down town ASPENNN … epic nights.


So after 8 days with my 2 best friends ( matt and my brother Mike) I was able to pull off and experience something one as a rider, and artist, an action sports junkie can only dream off.  From watching the best athletes in the world, wearing my medals, breaking history, setting new standards, shredding fresh powder for hours with no one around, riding the Snowboarder X course, watching my brother fall from a 30ft jump, eating shit myself giving me a bruise that will last till next XGAMES, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, crushing beers, trying to catch my breath from lack of oxygen, doing tree runs and getting stuck in powder up to our chests all while GOPRO-ing the whole thing… I can only sit here as I write this and say I am truly gratful for everyone in my life that supports the crazy crap I dive head first into, often blind.  With out all of you, that read my blog, buy my art, encourage me and push me to new heights, helping me realize everything is possible, I wouldnt be here.

Once again, pinching myself, i just want to say thanks again for all the love…




Mountain Tops & Murals (Time-lapse) from FooManFilms on Vimeo.

I am very honored to announce that I was picked up by to help design and art direct their presence at this years winter X GAMES. Here is the video my brother and FOOMAN FILMS put together of the process… pretty rad. He is the final image of the limited edition poster i also created and will be handed out at the VIMEO tent during the course of the X GAMES.